The Return of Asia in the 21st Century

Distinguished Fellow at the Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore, Kishore Mahbubani, discusses his latest book, The Asian 21st Century, in which he relates US decline to the rise of plutocracy and Asia's renewed rise - after having fallen behind in the last 200 years - to its growing sense of dynamism, optimism, and diversity.
This is the 200th episode of the podcast Economics and Beyond with Rob Johnson.

Re-orienting Global Finance Towards Ecological and Social Goals

UNCTAD Director Richard Kozul-Wright and Kevin Gallagher, Global Development Policy professor at Boston University, discuss their book, The Case for a New Bretton Woods. Ever since the post-war economic order was dismantled beginning in the 1980s, a re-design of the global economic order has become increasingly urgent in light of the social and ecological crises that we face.

A Sobering View of High Fuel Prices, Green Energy, and Biden’s Plans to Help Europe

Veteran researcher sheds light on what’s going on, how long the pain might last, and possible paths forward.
Ugly inflation not seen in four decades, fuel prices spreading pain through the rest of the economy, the invasion of Ukraine roiling energy markets, and long-term climate goals thwarted by the need to contain price spirals. It’s enough to make your head spin. Muayyad Al-Chalabi, an industry researcher, shares his perspective with the Institute for New Economic Thinking on the fuel woes and energy challenges that have everyone worried.


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