Financial institutions

FEDS Paper: Recovery of 1933(Revised)

Margaret M. Jacobson, Eric M. Leeper, and Bruce PrestonWhen Roosevelt abandoned the gold standard in April 1933, he converted government debt from a tax-backed claim to gold to a claim to dollars, opening the door to unbacked fiscal expansion. Roosevelt followed a state-contingent fiscal rule that ran nominal-debt-financed primary deficits until the price level rose and economic activity recovered.

FEDS Paper: Monetary Policy Shocks: Data or Methods?

Connor M. Brennan, Margaret M. Jacobson, Christian Matthes, Todd B. WalkerDifferent series of high-frequency monetary shocks can have a correlation coefficient as low as 0.5 and the same sign in only two-thirds of observations. Both data and methods drive these differences, which are starkest when the federal funds rate is at its effective lower bound. Methods that exploit the differential responsiveness of short- and long-term asset prices can incorporate additional information.


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