Food Security in Africa: “This Crisis Has Shown the Limits to Africa’s Resilience”

"We risk a global decoupling in which East and West face off in a cold war, and Africans are caught in the middle," says Professor Carlos Lopes in an interview with Folashadé Soulé and Camilla Toulmin
Professor Carlos Lopes is Honorary Professor at Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance, University of Cape Town, Associate Professor at Sciences Po, Paris, Associate Fellow at Chatham House, London, and 2022 Fellow at Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford. His new book on Africa-Europe relations will be coming out in mid-2023.

Worker’s Wages & Leverage Are the Real Targets

Why did Corporate Democrats “cede” the economic argument? Are they really fighting inflation or trying to weaken workers’ bargaining power? INET's Thomas Ferguson joins Paul Jay on
Paul Jay
Hi, I’m Paul Jay. Welcome to The Dems, the Democratic Party, has retaken the Senate as we are speaking. It’s still not clear whether they’re going to retake the House, although most of the pundits are predicting they won’t by a slim margin. What happened and why?

Trump and the Republican Base: A Machine Learning Approach

Economic issues are a primary part of Trump's appeal to his base
As incitements to genuine fear and trembling, credible invocations of the end of the world are hard to top. So when President Joe Biden mentioned the war in Ukraine and Armageddon in the same breath at a Democratic Party fundraiser, the whole world jumped. Amid a wave of news clips filled with swooning commentary and verbal handwringing, the White House staff rushed to do damage control.1


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