Gordon Brown economics versus Liz Truss tax cuts: a new twist in the battle to resolve the UK’s cost of living crisis

The ongoing Conservative Party leadership hustings haven’t seen much agreement between candidates, but they have resulted in the creation of a new political narrative: “Gordon Brown economics”. Foreign secretary Liz Truss explained away her rejection of cost of living “handouts” for households with the phrase.

Corporations want to profit from the world’s problems – here’s how they can solve them instead

Shutterstock/seislerThere’s a good chance that you would like to see COVID disappear for good. And you may also wish for an end to the war in Ukraine – or any other war for that matter.

But would you feel the same way if you were the head of a big pharmaceutical corporation which has seen a massive surge in profits over the last couple of years? Or if you ran a company which manufactures weapons?


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