A food crisis was brewing even before the Ukraine war – but taking these three steps could help the most vulnerable

Queues for milk in Colombo, Sri Lanka, where shortages were evident months before the Ukraine crisis. Author providedRussia’s invasion of Ukraine has led to the disruption, by sanctions or war, of two of the world’s largest grain exporters. This means 2022 is shaping up to be a very difficult year for the global food system.

Spring statement 2022: quick analysis about standard of living, energy crisis and more – from experts

UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s 2022 spring statement was delivered in the haze of an extremely testing economic environment. As the war in Ukraine rages on, inflation has hit a 30-year high, energy bills are about to soar, tax rises are imminent and the fallout from COVID continues. With events straining the financial resources of millions of households, our panel of experts offer their views on Sunak’s announcement.

Energy prices

Green investing: the global system for rating companies' ethical credentials is meaningless

As the war in Ukraine rages, finance professionals on Wall Street and in Europe recently attracted outrage by suggesting that investing in arms manufacturers should be treated as ethical investing. In the fight against tyranny, they argued that such an investment “preserves peace and global stability” and defends “the values of liberal democracies”.


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