How The Bear sets up stereotypes of tough male and emotional female chefs – and then tears them down

This article contains spoilers for the second series of The Bear.

The Michelin star chef Marco Pierre White said in 2019: “The real positive with men [in professional kitchens is] they are not as emotional, and they don’t take things personally.” While he credited women with having a better sense of smell, and for being consistent and punctual, he said: “Men can absorb pressure better in busy moments.”

Millions benefited from mortgages fixed at low prices – now many are struggling with much higher monthly payments

Working out household finances has become much harder for people with a mortgage. fizkesThe impact of higher mortgage costs is now biting hard. Three million UK households face the prospect of having to renew their mortgage within the next two years as their fixed-rate periods come to an end. While nearly two-thirds of all borrowers have already remortgaged at more expensive rates, a large number are still waiting to do the same.


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