FEDS Paper: Pricing of Climate Risk Insurance: Regulation and Cross-Subsidies

Sangmin S. Oh, Ishita Sen, and Ana-Maria TenekedjievaHomeowners’ insurance, a $15 trillion market by coverage, provides households financial protection from climate losses. Insurance premiums (rates) are subject to significant regulations at a state level in the United States. Using novel data on filings made by insurers to regulators, we propose a metric to quantify the extent of regulation in individual states.

King Charles will redistribute hundreds of charity patronages – here's why they are such an important part of royal life

After the Queen’s death, her son not only inherits her role as monarch and a significant fortune. King Charles III will also like take on most of the more than 600 charity patronages previously held by Elizabeth II. And as for the patronages Charles held as Prince of Wales, these will likely pass to his son Prince William, who now holds that title.


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