An opportunity to review and improve the EU’s bank crisis management framework

This article analyses the European crisis management framework for banks. It concludes that key areas for improvement are the crisis management options for small and medium-sized banks as well as preparedness for systemic crises. The European Commission’s reform proposal represents an opportunity to implement the lessons learned over the last decade.

Policy options to address window dressing in the G-SIB framework

This article summarises the existing evidence of window dressing and seasonality of data at year-end reporting time for global systemically important banks (G-SIBs). Window dressing and seasonality of data distort the outcome of a point-in-time reporting framework, resulting in misleading bank disclosures, mismeasurement of bank risk, inappropriate capital requirements and misallocation of capital. Reduced activity at certain points in time can also be detrimental to market functioning and has the potential to amplify shocks that coincide with period-ends.


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