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It's not a cost of living crisis – it's a poverty pandemic

fizkes/ShutterstockThere is a poverty crisis in the UK. But when outlining his 110 growth measures aimed at getting “the British economy working” during his autumn statement, the chancellor’s measures to tackle the cost of living crisis were limited to economic support payments focused on short-term wins.

We argue that raising living standards should be seen as a long-term investment in the UK’s future, not a short-term capital expenditure.

Matching state pension to the national living wage would help pensioners maintain their dignity

The UK is currently 16th out of 50 European countries in terms of the best pension offering. Linda Bestwick/ShutterstockA question that is perennially asked by financial experts is: “can the government (in other words, the taxpayer) afford to keep increasing pensions?” But in my view, the real question should be: “what is the purpose of the state pension?”


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