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Do unemployment benefits stifle entrepreneurship? It’s complicated

Entrepreneurship can be a way back into work for people who have lost their jobs. - Yuri A/ShutterstockUnemployment in the UK rose to 4.4% at the end of April 2024. While this is by no means a worrying level of joblessness for an economy, it is the highest since September 2021, in the second year of the COVID pandemic, when it reached 4.4%.

American slavery wasn’t just a white man’s business − new research shows how white women profited, too

As the United States continues to confront the realities and legacy of slavery, Americans continue to challenge myths about the country’s history. One enduring myth is that slavery was a largely male endeavor — that, for the most part, the buying, selling, trading and profiting from enslavement were carried out by white men alone.


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