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Big business and climate change: finally, sustainability pays

Financial services company Allianz, sponsors of Bayern Munich, are one of 2021's top performing ESG – environmentally responsible – companies. Anahtiris/ShutterstockOne thing becoming clear during the debate over how to respond to climate change is that prioritising profit at the expense of the environment, or disregarding the social consequences, is not just morally unacceptable, it is increasingly difficult.

AI shop assistants: get ready for a world where you can't tell humans and chatbots apart

'The customer is always real.' Octus_PhotographyI regularly fly with KLM from Minneapolis to New Delhi, and always stop over in Amsterdam. I am frequently in Minneapolis for research and this is my route to go home to take a break from work. I have done the journey so many times that I know almost all the shops at Schiphol inside out. However, one time in summer 2019, the predictability was broken when I missed my connecting flight to New Delhi.


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