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Degrowth: why some economists think abandoning growth is the only way to save the planet – podcast

Sepp photography/ShutterstockSome economists have long argued that to really save the planet – and ourselves – from the climate crisis, we need a fundamental overhaul of the way our economies work. In this episode of The Conversation Weekly, we explore the ideas of the degrowth movement and their calls for a contraction in the world’s consumption of energy and resources.

What Big Oil knew about climate change, in its own words

The oil industry was aware of the risks of climate change decades ago. Barry Lewis/InPictures via Getty ImagesFour years ago, I traveled around America, visiting historical archives. I was looking for documents that might reveal the hidden history of climate change – and in particular, when the major coal, oil and gas companies became aware of the problem, and what they knew about it.

Autumn budget 2021: experts react

UK chancellor Rishi Sunak has unveiled his autumn budget as the nation wrestles with recovery at the tail end of the COVID pandemic, supply shortages and a mounting crisis in the cost of living. Our panel of experts react to what has been announced.


Pay rises for the public sector aren’t guaranteed.

The supply chain crisis has a silver lining – container ships should be decarbonised faster

Several months ago, I warned that the crisis in container ships could jeopardise Christmas by leaving retailers without enough goods on their shelves. Since then, there have been similar fears all over the media, not only due to shipping problems but also shortages of lorry drivers and unavailable products. As we approach November, the worst may be coming to the worst.


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