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A disaster relief insurance system shows how well international alliances can work – new research

Rapid financial response to droughts, floods and hurricanes is critical to saving lives and livelihoods. It can prevent a disaster from escalating into a situation where people can’t get food, clean water, shelter or electricity.

But often the countries that experience these kinds of events don’t have vast reserves of money to draw on as soon as disaster strikes. Nor can they rely on international aid, which though welcome, can take weeks or even months to arrive.

Green lending: world's biggest banks' latest initiative at COP26 is a step backwards

Over 450 of the world’s banks have committed to a new initiative at the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference which is designed to decarbonise their investments. Overseen by former Bank of England supremo Mark Carney, the banks and other financial institutions signing up to Gfanz (the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero) are pledging to report annually on the carbon emissions linked to the projects they lend to.


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